welcome, lovelies!


I am a Texas girl who is terrible at two-stepping and says y'all A LOT, ha! I love being a wife to the sweetest human on this planet, Nick. He actually likes me and makes my heart so happy. He once told me, "you are a lot weirder than I thought you were going to be," muahaha. I fly for American Airlines and I plan to document all of my travels here for you. You see the tab at the top labeled bees? That's right.. in 2015, my dad, my little sister and I were inspired to take a 6 month beekeeping course and now we harvest honey every September! It's invigorating and I love it so much. I get excited by A LOT of things and tend to give everything a shot at least once. I love Jesus and my puppy named Atlas. 

I hope you leave my website feeling like the cutest rose gold sunnies on the market. Let your dreams be real. Find your inspiration and let it drive you, after all, what else are you going to do in this life?