Joshua tree, ca

Nick and I went to Joshua Tree, CA for the weekend to hang with our besties. We had the greatest time with the perfect weather and sooo many adventures. We went on a hike thru the national park, witnessed the coolest engagement ever, stayed in a cozy Airbnb and found some pretty dope shops. I’ve posted some photos and links to some must do’s if you ever visit the good ol’ Joshua Tree.

Cactus Mart | 49889 Twentynine Palms Highway Morongo Valley, CA

Skull Rock Trail | Joshua Tree National Park

The End | 55872 Twentynine Palms Highway Yucca Valley, CA

Hoof and The Horn |55840 Twentynine Palms Highway Yucca Valley, CA

San antonio, tx

A baby layover in San Antonio calls for my favorite veggie enchiladas, ghost pepper margarita and Blue Bell ice cream on the Riverwalk. Go ahead and drool… I am.

Casa Del Rio | 430 E Commerce St San Antonio, TX

Mr Ice Cream | 423 E Commerce St San Antonio, TX

WAshington, D.C.

A snippet of my layover in Washington, D.C. with my girl, Briana. Yes, I teared up when seeing the Lincoln Memorial for the first time. It’s as glorious as the history books make it out to be.

Misha’s Coffee | 102 S. Patrick St Alexandria, VA

Spite House | 523 Queen St Alexandria, VA

New York

As many of you know, I spent five months living in New York and Texas due to my job as a flight attendant basing me in NYC. Here are some fun places to visit, memories to share and experiences to never forget.  

Times Square

Black Tap Burger

$14 milkshake?! yes please!

Black Tap Burger | 529 Broome St New York, NY

I recommend getting the Falafel Burger $15 (not pictured), they don’t have ranch for us southerners, BUT they make homemade dill buttermilk + $2…which is to die for & also tastes just like ranch, lol. DO YOU SEE THAT MILKSHAKE?! IT BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD. sooo good. Your tummy will be filled with bomb food and your ears filled with some old school r&b.. win freakin’ win. You’ll probably have to wait in line outside and possibly around the block, don’t be alarmed.. it’s definitely worth the wait!!

Views: The Chrysler Building, THE EMpire State Building, Grand Central Station, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar | 230 Fifth Ave Manhattan, NY

Literally the coolest view of NYC, arms reach from The Empire State Building, huge igloos with individual space heaters and cute lights make for a memorable evening with besties. Once again, $14 cocktail, but still so worth the views!

9/11 Memorial

Absolutely stunning memorial. A rose is laid on the names of each persons birthday every morning.

Upstate New York

My flight attendant friend, Brianna, lives in Stone Ridge, NY in the most quaint little neighborhood with her sweet family. I had the privilege of staying with her in between trips and adventuring on our off days. Here are a few pics of her cozy home, my first nor’easter storm and us doing a ‘hike’ (AKA freakin’ free climbing.. just so you know, a hike in TX is MUCH different than a hike in NY)!!!


Le Barricou | 533 Grand St Brooklyn, NY

French Toast & Vegetable Frittata *insert heart eyes* side note: my best friend Cassidy was also a flight attendant based in NY, so on the occasion that we had the same schedules, we would take every opportunity to jump on the subway and meet up. Here is our brunch from Le Barricou, 10/10 would recommend. Ask for Laurel, she’s from TX and the sweetest gal ever.

Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball

860 Manhatten Ave Brooklyn, NY

Do your laundry, have a drink and play pinball at this hidden bar. It’s a trip, you’ll love it. Bring extra quarters, for your laundry or pinball. ;)

The Brooklyn Market & Spark Pretty

333 E 9th St New York, NY

90’s Nostalgia and the cutest of shops, we’ll take it!

Vivi Bubble tea

205 Allen St. New York, NY

Just as sweet, sticky and messy as it looks! ha! I’ll try anything once, this place is a jam, but a sticky mess. I mean can you imagine, boba tea, cotton candy, a s’more AND ice cream!! The pictures explain it perfectly, haha!

Brooklyn Bridge

Breathtaking views, wear your walkin’ shoes, buy the dorky souvenirs and watch out for the bikers.. they will run you over.